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Tackle issues in our world, gain new skills, build your entrepreneurial experience, and dive into the entrepreneurship community in Washington.
Registration Deadline: May 10, 2021
May 14-22, 2021

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What is this
studio about?

An event only for students at the University of Washington where you'll have the chance to:
Grow your entrepreneurial skills and own the process. Discover how to create and sustain a viable product, and work in a team of three to craft your product.
Network with Seattle's entrepreneurial community. Engage with key figures including renowned startup founders, venture capitalists, distinguished faculty, and more. You can also come to our career fair! Also, get the chance to meet potential startup co-founders from the University of Washington!


Follow a track. See how entrepreneurship can be a force for social and economic good.
Have your own idea? Bring it to life, improve, and receive critical and specific advice.

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In your team of three, focus on a specific startup area. Engineering? Technology? Finance? Marketing? Research? A combination? The choice is yours.

Why the Lavin Studio?

The Lavin Innovation Studio is an accelerated one-week startup development bootcamp created by students at the University of Washington's Lavin Entrepreneurship Program. Through the process of designing a viable product, students will gain design thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, and business presentation skills – while networking with leaders in Seattle’s startup community.

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Speakers and Judges

Emer Dooley
Jacob Colker

Managing Director @ AI2 Startup Incubator

Entrepreneurship Faculty at UW Seattle Foster School​

Emer Dooley
Emer Dooley

Executive Director @ Alliance of Angels Seed Fund​

Entrepreneurship Faculty at UW Seattle Foster School​

David Zager
David Zager

Partner and Chief Design Officer @ Pioneer Square Labs

Founder of Ok Rocket and F2M2

Kinsey Gross
Kinsey Gross

Senior Product Designer @ Pioneer Square Labs

Michael Petrochuk
Michael Petrochuk

Founder and CTO @ WellSaid Labs

Anand Ranganathan
Anand Ranganathan

Chief AI Officer @ Unscrambl

La-Marcus Smith-Kelley
La-Marcus Smith-Kelley

Fortune 500 Consultant

Black Businesses Empowerment

Ryan Yousefian
Ryan Yousefian

Cofounder and CEO @ Apnomed

Dempsey Startup Competition

Lavin Studio Themes

A few tracks to help you get started. You are free to switch tracks if you find yourself interested in a different track down the road!


What possibilities are there in disrupting current healthcare practices to promote greater accessibility?

Promoting Sustainability

What might be a product or service that promotes sustainable purchasing and living?

Your Own Idea

Already have something in the works? Build it here!

What will the week look like?

With busy student schedules in mind, we've spaced out our events and studio timeline to offer more time to work on your startup idea without the pressure of a 24 or 48 hour schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our idea of an innovation studio is a collaborative entrepreneurial crash course designed to accelerate your skills and experiences in a span of a week. Regardless of your past experiences with entrepreneurship, everyone will emerge with new skills and a product they are proud of. You'll develop real-world materials that can be used during and after this studio. Finally, you'll hear from entrepreneurs and get a deep insight into their career and life choices. Based on the deliverables that team submit, the top 10 teams from those materials have a chance to move forward with a live pitch session. With a wide variety of events, you'll be able to put in as much as you can, depending on your availability.

No experience is necessary. We want this studio along with the events and speakers we'll offer to help you gain the skills, confidence, and motivation to launch into your future ventures during and after the studio.

This studio is currently open for undergraduate college students attending UW (all campuses) AND incoming students to UW (Class of 2025!). Unfortunately, we are unable to allow students from other colleges or those in high school register for this studio.

To participate in the final pitch competition and Startup Career Fair, you will need to have turned in all deliverables. But don't sweat it! These deliverables are spaced out, not meant to be time-consuming, and there will lots of guidance along the way.

Attending workshop events is highly recommended -- they are the prime place to learn from the best in the field of entrepreneurship and also a place to get valuable feedback. These workshops will last around 1 - 1.5 hours so they won't take up too much time either!

The prototype can be very basic, and no technical background is required! A cardboard or paper construction, Figma app sketch, or CAD-modeled design all suffice: while we will give extra points for functionality, the goal is to demonstrate the product's application and provide a foundation for future development. More information will be provided during the studio!

Nope! Part of our event series will include workshops for ideation, and one of our potential deliverables includes activities related to idea development. We encourage coming up with an idea with the team you'll be working once the event starts, but you are always welcome to agree on an idea before the event. However, we do ask that all materials are developed during the studio to keep the event fair for everyone!

Every team must have 3 people. If you don't have any teammates in mind, we will match you up with teammates based on the information you'll provide during registration. Otherwise, we'll match you up with the teammates that you list during registration.

Feel free to email us at uwlavinstudio@gmail.com with any other questions!
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